Launch of our animal-friendly and ethical fashion website

With great effort and excitement we launched our cruelty-free and ethical fashion e-shop this week! 

We had been planning this for months so when the website finally went live and the payments system was set up, it felt like quite an achievement.

Thanks to Joris Verheyen for all his assistance and skills in directing and taking photographs of the t-shirts. It wouldn't have happened without you!

A huge thanks also to Jo-Anne McArthur for her iconic images of animals rescued from danger and the wonderful human carers at animal rescue charities they are photographed with.  We want to raise awareness of animal rights and interspecies love and compassion.

Our t-shirts are organic, climate neutral and the garment workers are treated fairly. Our key objective is that all our products are ethically produced.

We hope you love our products! :-)

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