How to wear a t shirt in different ways to look stylish and unique

When photographing our range of animal-friendly t shirts, we wanted to show their versatility, to show how they can be used for different occasions and for different times of the day.

When we took the PR shots of our wolf t shirt, we had this in mind. Our aim was to show how to wear this for the beach, for the office, for the evening and casually, which I think we show in the photos below.



Although our t shirts have a message of animal rights, due to their beautiful imagery and the fact they are monochrome, its possible to wear them with jeans or add a second brighter colour i.e. a skirt, trousers or accessories. Juxtaposing a monochrome t shirt with colours in this way is both simple and stylish.

From a fashionista perspective, how you combine your clothes makes you unique. You do not have to follow mainstream fashion. You can create your own style.

From an environmental perspective, you can buy less but combine what you have in different ways. This will also lower your carbon footprint as you will produce less environmental degradation and waste.

This approach would also allow you to increase your budget to buy fashion that is ethical. You could buy from brands that can trace back their whole supply chain, meaning you know who made your fashion and how it was made.


  • Choose sustainable fashion
  • Choose ethical fashion
  • Choose animal-friendly fashion

 You are an individual. Don't follow, find you own way. Be an informed fashionista!


This blog post was written by Niki Cutts, Founder of BETTER ON ME


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