Why we created a fashion brand to transmit a message of animal rights & environmental sustainability

Our brand, BETTER ON ME, raises awareness of animal rights and the impact of animal agriculture on climate change. The brand was established to promote these views rather than to create a new brand for fashion reasons.

With the launch of its first collection WE ARE ONE at Berlin Fashion Week this week, there was a real interest in the message of the new ethical fashion brand: with its artsy and emotional images on cruelty-free t-shirts showing how we humans and other animals can love each other and enjoy each others' company; while also raising awareness of how animal agriculture is destroying our planet.

 See a video from the fashion show below:


Canadian animal rights activist and photojournalist, Jo-Anne McArthur, whose images are used in this first collection product release has kindly donated her photograph royalties to the animal rescue charities featured on the t-shirts including Farm Sanctuary in the USA, Ape Action Africa in Cameroon and W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in the USA. As a result, BETTER ON ME has pledged to donate 5% of of its sales revenues to these charities.

On speaking to many visitors at the Ethical Fashion Show at Berlin Fashion Week where BETTER ON ME showcased its first collection, it became quickly evident that there was little knowledge about how raising animals for human consumption was one of the main causes of climate change, contributing more emissions than the whole of the transport sector, and only a few people have seen or even heard of the influential documentary, Cowspiracy.

BETTER ON ME's Founder Niki Cutts said "A t-shirt is like a mobile bill board. Not only will we raise awareness about the fact that we are animals too and thus should treat other species with compassion, but that we have to stop raising animals to eat if we want to conserve our planet for future generations. But it is the elephant in the room, as humans fail to face their habits which will destroy our planet. Food lobbyists will fight to maintain the status quo and their company profits."

We are yet to see a mass implementation of government climate change policies to cut meat consumption. The Chinese government issued new dietary guidelines last month providing a glimmer of hope, which if fulfilled, would cut per capital consumption of meat in China by 50% while also reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1 billion tonnes by 2030. 

By switching to a plant-based diet, urban areas can convert old warehouses on the outskirts of cities and apply hydroponic techniques to grow plants to feed our populations. This is a sensible, low energy approach to growing our food and gives us a local supply of vegan food, slashing food miles. No longer would we need to over farm our land to grow crops to feed the animals we eat, we can grow the plants in an environmentally sustainable manner and slash our CO2 emissions.

BETTER ON ME has also pledged to contribute  a further 5% of its business turnover to its own eco project where nut trees will be planted in the Czech Republic where the company is located. This will create a carbon sink and a future supply of locally-produced nuts.

Niki Cutts says " I hope that our approach can be seen as a blue-print for business, whereby entrepreneurs invest in their own environmental projects as it makes investment sense and brings environmental benefits."

We hope you love our new sustainable fashion brand! We encourage debate and action on this topic. Who are we, the older generation, to deny our kids the inter-generational justice they deserve? We must educate our children so they can make the necessary changes to manage our beautiful planet in the future.


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