How to spread a cruelty-free message through a bag

Fast fashion focuses on following trends that quickly come and go with short life spans of products. This creates vast amounts of waste and environmental degradation. More sinister still is the unnecessary use of skin on bags. 

The reason I set up our sustainable fashion brand was to transmit a message of living a cruelty-free life based on sound environmental principles. Fashion itself was not my primary interest. To be honest, I combine my clothes in various interesting ways to create a unique look. I am a convert to the slow fashion movement. I do not follow fashion trends but now I love wearing our thought-provoking t shirts and carrying our beautiful bags. 

The unnecessary use of skin in fashion was the main problem I wanted to contribute to fix by offering non-leather product alternatives that were beautiful. This is why the company is called BETTER ON ME; it gives animals the voice to say what they would surely say if they could speak, that ''My skin is BETTER ON ME''. With new designers creating amazing cruelty-free alternatives, products made from vegan leather are always more desirable those made from the skin of a sentient being.

Prototype of our new vegan leather totes

These feature the beautiful photos taken at animal rescue centres from our WE ARE ONE collection. They show humans interacting with other animals in an intimate and loving way. We hope our bags will educate others about how we could live with other species in peace and harmony if we saw them for who they really are. 

Our bags are intended to be mobile bill boards, helping to spread the message of inter-species love. Inspirational individuals featured on the bags with the animals, who dedicate their lives to rescuing and caring for these animals, show us how we could all live with other species. 

This first prototype features the sheep kiss photo from Farm Sanctuary, in the USA, taken by Canadian animal rights photojournalist, Jo-Anne McArthur ( This is such an iconic photo. It shows Grace the sheep as a loving sentient being, rather than a possession with a nominal value owned by a farmer.

Not an inch of skin in sight! We chose a bag made from sustainable fabric, an upcycled plastic, waste from the architectural industry. We managed to create a stylish, durable bag that is waterproof, light and comfortable to wear - cruelty-free & eco.

Our bags will be manufactured in northern Europe so we have minimized the movement of goods around the world and in turn the environmental impact of our supply. With so much waste having previously discarded and land filled, using waste seems the most pragmatic approach to take. Moreover, at the end of the bags' lives, the plastic can be recycled.

We are still improving our prototype and expect to launch our new tote on our website shortly. I trialed the bag at an art exhibition opening and a wedding and it fitted perfectly at both these events. A picture says a thousand words and captures a thousand hearts.

We do not need to wear skin. We do not need killer fashion that really kills. 

We hope you love our bag. It is still in the prototype stage and we would appreciate any comments about what you like and what you would improve, or indeed which other similar products you think we should make.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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