Why being a fashionista beats being fast fashion victim any day

Are followers of fast fashion the ones to follow or the ones that follow?

As teenagers struggle to fit in with their peers, the need to be wearing what is currently in vogue is striking. But to step off fashion conveyor belt can be liberating. I remember when I was 22 I wanted to do this. I wanted to wear a simple thing like a hat but I felt uncomfortable that people stare at me. Eventually, I plucked up the courage to wear the hat. I walked down the small high street in the northern English town where I was living a the time, and to my amazement, no one even gave me and my hat a second glance.

It was a liberating moment and instilled me with the freedom to be more creative with my clothes, to wear what I felt like wearing. I did not have to follow anyone else from them.

I am truly in the fashionista camp now, I don't buy fast fashion items that I have to discard after a season, and I wouldn't be seen dead in what someone else was wearing. Why would I want to? Preferable would be to buy something simple and dress it up with a scarf, a jacket, leggings, whatever you feel like wearing. It's like creating a new you ever day - open your wardrobe and create something unique each day by combining items differently.

Wearing a tshirt over a dress works really well here, something simple, creative and best of all no one looks like you!

Apart form the freedom to develop your own style, there is a sinister side to fast fashion. The waste and pollution caused by producing such vast amounts of products with short shelf lives leads to mountains of waste textiles and pollution in countries where this throwaway fashion is produced. Photos of Chinese rivers coloured by that season's textile dyes is sickening.

I would encourage people to think about the environment more when they buy their clothes, buy better quality, keep for longer and refrain from buying goods that will not be in fashion at the end of the season. Ensure textiles are organic or upcycled waste. 
Think about animals when you shop. So often I see trimmings made from rabbit fur and products made from leather. Those skins belong on the animals and trust me, they would say to you if they could express themselves, my skin looks BETTER ON ME!
Lastly but not least, check who is making your clothes. You may be surprised to hear that kids are still often used in the production of textile and garment workers are notoriously badly treated. So:
  • choose sustainable fashion!
  • choose ethical fashion!
  • choose vegan fashion!

So for many reasons, being a fashionista beats being a fashion victim hands down.

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