Our story

Niki Cutts, Founder of Better on Me

Niki Cutts, Founder of Better on Me

A vegan for almost 20 years, I spent considerable time thinking about animal rights and our relationship with other animals. I grew up surrounded by animals and I felt very close to them. I don't see us as being their masters, I think their existence is just as valid as ours. So why would I eat them and wear their skins?

I started BETTER ON ME because I felt there was inadequate discussion about the use of skin in fashion. There has been a lengthy debate about the use of fur, but barely any mention of what leather is and where leather comes from. 

I also felt that it was now time for me to become active, to contribute to society in an area I felt passionate about.

In more recent years, I have been encouraged at the global raise of veganism. This reflects the huge difference in attitudes about our place on the planet in relation to other animals. We also realise we are not the masters of the environment but part of a fragile ecosystem

We only have limited resources on the planet and with such a large population growth, we have already exceeded key tipping points. A switch to a vegan / plant-based diet cuts our carbon footprint by 50%. If we call chose a vegan diet, this would greatly assist with slowing down climate change, so we would encourage people to take such personal action.

We will be contributing 5% of product sales to our own eco-project where we will plant nut trees in the Czech Republic. This will contribute to the world's carbon sink as well as giving us a source of vegan protein in the future.

About the brand

BETTER ON ME is a animal rights and environmental campaign fashion brand. The brand was set up to spread the message of ethical fashion and sustainable fashion. Our vegan brand is also about beauty through iconic images of animals used on products such as t-shirts, art, bags and shoes. We aim for our our products to be quality and unique.

We launched our brand focusing on women's fashion with a series of vegan t-shirts, showing the love there can be between humans and other animals. The photos were taken at animal rescue centres (Farm Sanctuary, W.O.L.F. Sanctuary & Ape Action Africa) by Jo-Anne McArthur. Five percent of the value of sales are given to the charities. Jo-Anne has kindly donated her photo royalties to the charities.

We hope our brand has mainstream appeal, and people buy it not only for its message but just because they love our products.

    For more information about what we do and about our products please email us at niki@betteronme.com, telephone: +420 222 524 505