Animal rights

There are two main elements of our approach to animal rights:

Charitable donations to animal rescue centres

We donate a part of our revenues to the animal charities featured in our t-shirt range including:

  • Farm Sanctuary, USA
  • W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, USA
  • Ape Action Africa, UK

Creation and promotion of cruelty-free fashion

We recognise the interspecies love and compassion between us and our fellow animals. WE ARE ONE with animals. We love cats and dogs and they love us. We can also love other animals such as those we use in animal experimentation, those we eat and those whose skins we use in fashion.

Our aim is to raise awareness about animal rights and the wonderful people who devote their lives to campaigning for improvements in how we treat other animals, and those who care for our animals at animal rescue centres.

Many of us have discarded the religious ideas that encouraged us to believe we are higher than animals. We are in fact animals ourselves, science, in particular DNA proves this.

Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals

So now more of us are questioning how cruel we can be to other animals and are looking for cruelty-free alternative products. And particularly poignant and central to our brand is why we choose to cause such suffering for our own vanity, to look good.

There is no need to eat our wonderful animal friends if we follow a vegan  / plant-based diet. Such a diet also reduces our carbon-footprint by an estimated 50%, which would really help us find an environmental sustainable path.
Please watch Cowspiracy!