Brand inspiration

“Better on Me” is a campaign brand.

Through strong imagery, we aim to raise awareness about the fact we are animals too and have an innate closeness with other species.

We will also raise awareness of what leather is, reminding consumers about the animals whose skins are used in the production of fashion products. Such animals that are often invisible. 

There is a swelling global gathering of people who have chosen a vegan lifestyle for ethical, health and environmental reasons.

We will help you spread the word about our positive global movement, through our product range. 

Why cause suffering to sentient beings?

So therein we question our relationship with other animals. Eating other animals now for many of us is off the menu as swathes of people choose a plant-based diet. The ethics is simple, why eat another animal where there is a plentiful supply of plant-based alternatives? Why cause such unnecessary suffering for our own self-gratification? 

And when we think of other animals being similar to us, the of of their skin to make fashion for products such as shoes, bags, purses and belts just seems wrong.

Photos curtacy of Jo-Anne McArthur, We Amimals


   Eco-Friendly ✓
 Animal-Friendly ✓
 Fairly paid workers ✓

   Cruelty-free ✓
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Choosing a plant-based diet can help to keep us healthy

Veganism has huge positive health benefits. Choosing a plant-based diet helps people lose weight and keep the weight off. Filling your body with fruit and vege also means vegans have high vitamin and antioxidant levels. Studies have shown a clear protection against cancer ( 

Environmental benefits of a plant-based diet

The word is spreading that a sizeable proportion of greenhouse gases are caused during the rearing of farm animals and to save our planet, being a vegan lowers our carbon footprint.  Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation (