Our mission

  1. Our message is central to our brand, i.e. to raise awareness to a wide audience about who we humans are-we are smart mammals, and how terribly we often treat other animals by taking their skin, hair and feathers to create our fashion & lifestyle products. Our brand gives animals a voice to say my skin is BETTER ON ME.
  1. To provide beautiful eco-fashion and eco-lifestyle products, our first product release will be a range of organic cotton, cruelty-free t-shirts, providing consumers with a choice of responsible fashion.
  1. We will promote other designers who are contributing to the choice of organic and cruelty-free products. 
  1. We will promote the images and findings of respected animal rights activists, as well as disseminating relevant information, challenging the status quo that has been handed down to us over generations, often described as "normal".
  1. We will request that our audience and consumers to spread the message to treat other animals with respect and dignity as well as supporting animal rights charities.
  1. To provide leadership regarding environmental policies and request that our audience and clients also do so. We have tried to take the best decisions about environmental protection through choosing our suppliers carefully and investing a portion of our products into our own eco project. We intend to encourage other businesses to follow our lead by spreading information within the business community.
  1. Ethical treatment of staff, particularly in the manufacturing of garments in developing countries.